Rationale Calendar 2016
Simple typographic sans-serif wall calendar.
Typography | Product

O Portugal de Emílio Biel
A small but complex exhibition design about the remarkable German-born Emílio Biel (1838–1916).
Exhibition design

Haas Möbel Factory
Identity and all the graphic material produced for the Möbel Haas company.
Corporate Identity | Signage

Plaster 15
Play this Game, poster for a typographic outdoor exhibition of artists from Portugal.
Poster design

Wiener Symphoniker
Wiener Symphoniker year agenda, season 2015–16 dedicated entirely to the orchestra.
Editorial | Book

Tools for the Design Revolution
Book design for the Institute of design research Vienna, Niggli verlag.
Editorial | Book

An international respond to the systematicity of Braun Design.
Poster design

A set of tableware utensils.
Editorial | Booklet | Product

London Guide
Exploring various areas of interest in the great city of London.
Editorial | Booklet

Substans Masterutstillingen
Catalog and poster for the MA product design students.
Editorial | Book

Beller Typeface
A sans-serif display typeface.
Typography | Editorial

Typography in Olympic Posters
Typography used in several Olympic posters.
Editorial | Book